Monthly Archive: August 2013


UEFI and ConfigMgr 2012 issues I – Bootable media

Recently, I had to prepare some UEFI based Windows 8 deployments to tablets using ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 CU2 and ran into a couple issues that I would like to write down, as I wasted quite some time to get those resolved. Some of those issues have already been mentioned in...

Approving updates from ConfigMgr SCUP to WSUS 0

Approving updates from ConfigMgr SCUP to WSUS

Even if I’m deploying images using ConfigMgr, I’m still a big fan of creating my reference images using MDT LiteTouch. It’s faster, easier to automate, easier to tweak and if using thin images, there is even not much duplication involved (but that’s a different discussion ). In such cases, I also...