Monthly Archive: April 2016


PowerShell CIM CmdLets – Working with lazy properties

In my last post, I explained how to solve one of the stumbling blocks when working with the PowerShell CIM CmdLets. The second problem, which was both pretty nasty as it basically prevented me from using the CIM CmdLets properly for SCCM and pretty time consuming, as it was hard...


CIM vs. WMI CmdLets – The top reasons I changed over

Some time ago I moved most of my WMI related work from the “deprecated” PowerShell WMI CmdLets (Get-WMIObject, Invoke-WMIMethod, etc.) over to the “new” CIM CmdLets (Get-CimInstance, Invoke-CimMethod, etc …). It wasn’t really because they are “deprecated”. Microsoft might treat them this way, but they will for sure be around...