Time for a new start – time for a new blog …


After spending quite some time on non-public projects and also a lot of private stuff, it’s now time to come back to the surface again.

The first change is pretty obvious. If you are reading this, you are already aware, that my personal blog has been moved from myITforum.com to my own web space. I’m not turning away from this awesome community with exceptional experts, I just needed more control on the information that is published. And for sure I will still continue contributing to this community. I would really appreciate, if you all could share my new blog, so others are aware. It will be worth coming back, there is a lot of interesting information to be published soon. Among other things:

  • A new book that is about to be released
  • Long awaited updates on the Deployment Web service
  • The future of the MDT Web Frontend
  • A full solution to monitor the progress of Task Sequences in a ConfigMgr environment in real-time
  • Many, many tips and tricks that just have piled up


I’m still working on the design and structure of this web presence, so it’s still a little bit Work in progress. As you know, I really appreciated feedback. Feel free to leave a comment or get in contact to me.


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  1. Glad to see you’re back! You’ve got some great material on this site! I’ve developed some internal MDT / SCCM Web Frontends in the past and I hope to develop a public version or contribute to an existing public version at some point. I’ll certainly be back to see what great new material you have for the community.


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