MDT Database version history

As you might know, there is a whole bunch of settings/properties in MDT that drive the processing of MDT. And with every new version of MDT, the amount of settings typically just grows, but sometimes, they also drop the usage of some of them.

Most of these settings are also available in the Database, that comes with MDT, and most of the new settings will also be published to the database, as soon as you upgrade it. However, sometimes, they also get rid of deprecated ones and you typically won’t recognize it on upgrades as the MDT luckily never actively removes an existing column from the database. But if you create a new database, you suddenly might experience, that something is missing and some custom scripts, stored procedures etc. don’t work anymore.

This just happened to Oddvar Håland Moe, who tried to implement a Stored Procedure into a new MDT 2012 Update 1 environment. This Stored Procedure, created by Johan Arwidmark, generates computer names based on some values in the database. However, he had do recognize, that it failed (see the full blog post here).

As there is no publicly available documentation on what exactly has been added and removed during each update, and I have to keep track on it anyway for the MDT Web FrontEnd, I thought it might be helpful for at least some of you, to publish this list:


Find the complete Version History starting at MDT 2008 Update 1 (Not many changes before) on CodePlex at: MDT Database Version history

I will keep it up to date on future versions as well.

For your convenience, I’ve also added links for each setting to the corresponding documentation of MDT. I find it quite interesting from time to time to just snoop through them and get surprised on what else you can configure on MDT. As there is no updated MDT Documentation from Microsoft available online, I had to refer you mostly to the site of the Russian System Center User group. If one of the link fails, please get back to me and I will update it.


@MDTTeam could you please make an up-to-date MDT Documentation available online?

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